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How much does it cost to hire a wedding DJ?

Updated June 2020

Weddings are expensive and often clients ask themselves what are they actually paying for when if comes to hiring a wedding vendor? It makes sense to make sure your not paying too much. Of course you want to get the best value, but sometimes hiring a cheaper vendor may be a bit of a risk. But what are you actually paying for when you hire a wedding DJ? This article will hopefully answer some of these questions and address what is good value when it comes to hiring a wedding DJ.

So how much does it cost to hire a wedding DJ?

Well the short answer is anywhere between $500 and $2500.   It really depends on what you need from the DJ and what your expectations are.   Most experienced DJs you can expect to charge over $1100. You may be able to find a less experienced DJ at around $600 for your show. It depends on what you need your DJ to do and how in demand the DJ is.   Are you looking for someone who is a capable MC, is experienced with the planning of weddings, has done tonnes of weddings and is 100% reliable? Or are you simply looking for someone to play some music to dance to at the end of the night? Please note this prices are based on a reputable  wedding DJ in Perth it may differ in across the county. I do feel wedding DJ prices Perth are slightly lower than what you would expect to pay on the eastern states.

You must consider that an experienced wedding DJ would have DJ’d over 100 weddings and be in demand.   It is a supply and demand market like any industry.   DJs charge what they feel they are worth.   If a DJ is struggling for shows they will likely lower their prices.   If a DJ is booked out every Saturday night they will raise their prices.   Experienced DJs will have quality equipment and access to literally thousands and thousands of MP3s. Your may get lucky and find someone good for around $600 play dance music after the cake is eaten. But it wouldn’t be worth the risk unless you have actually seen this DJ perform.   Having the wrong DJ who doesn’t understand how weddings work and doesn’t play to the crowd could do more damage than good.

What should you expect from a DJ who charges over $1000?

Ideally before you meet up you have been able to do some research on your potential DJ. The best-case scenario is a personal recommendation from a friend or even better attending a wedding where the DJ played. However if this is not the case online wedding DJ reviews are excellent sources of feedback.    Look at the wedding DJs reviews on their Google page and the DJs Facebook page.  Look for positive reviews and recent reviews.  You can trust these wedding DJ recommendations as third parties have written them. The most important thing is you can validate that the DJ has a good reputation.

You should also be given the opportunity to meet with your DJ before committing to a booking. At HERODJs we conduct an obligation free meeting before the booking is confirmed.   At the meeting you’ll get a feel for whether this DJ is suitable for you.   Knowledge of the way weddings are run, the formalities involved as well as outstanding music knowledge should be things to look out for.   Most importantly the DJ should be listening to you as the client about what you want as far as music at your wedding.   Taking your lead the DJ should be able to make valuable suggestions.   By end of the meeting you should feel confident that you have hired someone professional and your wedding is in good hands.

Gauging whether you are receiving value for money is a little more difficult.   Every DJ package is slightly different. At HERODs we provide an all-inclusive package for the whole night. When you are quoted the price before the show that is the price you will be charged.    The prices quoted at HERODJs include all the equipment, lighting, PA equipment, microphone, MC services and planning.   We find this is the most effective way to quote jobs as it outlines the full expense before the booking is taken.   Be wary of any DJs who offer a super cheap hourly price as them may add on equipment costs at a later stage.

If you are looking to save money, and this usually counts for other suppliers as well not just DJs, consider having your wedding during a Sunday or weekday. Hero DJs offers discounts at these periods, as we aren’t as busy during these times. Generally at HERODJs we are booked out well in advance during peak periods so we can’t offer discounts during spring, summer and autumn.

So like anything what a DJ costs depends on each service. If you have been given a personal recommendation, read the reviews and met with your DJ you can be sure your DJ is going to do a good job for you. Generally most DJs with experience and a good reputation charge around $1200. There are some cheaper providers out there, and sure some of them may be very good, you just want to be careful. Hopefully this article has shed some light on how much it costs to hire a DJ and you can be confident your DJ is providing good value for money.

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