DJ Equipment – The Ins and Outs of Our Set Up

Often when meeting with prospective wedding clients we get asked what equipment we provide. Here at HERODJs we focus on complete packages. What we mean by that is all DJ gear is provided. All we need is the space and place to plug in. But sometimes there are special requests. This article breaks down our equipment in detail.

DJ Equipment

Here at HERODJs we generally run one of two set-ups. Either a DJ controller with a laptop, or CDJs connected to a laptop. Without getting in to the ins and outs of DJ software laptops are our preference for storing the music we play. This is simply because we can store more music on our laptops than CDs or USB. Laptops also make it much easier to go through your music selection to find those specific requests.


All HERODJs packages provide speakers to cater to up 150 guests, with extra speakers provided upon requests. What this means that we provide speakers that are loud enough to cater to that many guests at a reasonable level to dance to. Generally we provide one 500-watt subwoofer and two 300-watt tops at a minimum.

In some instances we may be requested to use the venues sound system. Generally this is the case when the venue has had sound complaints in the past and wants to be in control of the volume. In this case we plug in to what provided at the venue. However we cannot set the maximum volume level in the instance.


All HERODJs packages come with DJ lighting standard. This includes up-lights around the DJ area to provide atmosphere. We also provide disco/moving lights as standard. Generally these are switched later on in the night during dancing.


HERODJ’s provides a microphone for every mobile DJ event. In most instances a wired microphone is most suitable. Wireless microphones are available on request.

DJ Table

HERODJ’s provides their own DJ table. The DJ tables and all speakers are black in appearance. In some instances we can use a trestle table with a white tablecloth to suit particular themes.

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